rock creek vineyard property


Our vineyards lie in the Green Valley American Viticultural Area of Solano County, just a mile to the east of the Napa AVA.

Our warmer days combine with the cool evening breezes from the Bay to create a unique climate worthy of its own AVA designation. The grapes slowly and gently ripen, protected from the sometimes strong winds of Solano County.

rock creek vineyard wineryOur west-facing slopes and their rocky soils draw out the best from our vines, providing a special combination of nutrients and stresses to create the wonderful flavors unique to our vineyard. We have discovered that our little sheltered spot is unique to the Green Valley AVA, in that it is nestled against the hills, and protected in the valley. We are producing outstanding, rich and hearty wines.


All of our vines are meticulously hand-tended, carefully managing the size of the crop, the leaf canopy, irrigation and pest control.

Harvesting is a very special time at the winery. Friends and family gather to harvest the grapes, carefully hand-sorting them and hurrying them to the crusher, assuring that the finest product of the vine is made available for the winemaker's task that lies ahead.

rock creek vineyard grapes