the rock creek vineyard family

We love working with the earth. It’s a tradition that goes back hundreds of years in our family. We’ve even traced the making of red wine in our ancestry to the early 1700’s.

In the early 1800’s, our great-grandfather was one of the early pioneers of the American West. He homesteaded a modest piece of land and named it “Rock Creek.” It wasn’t much, but with hard work he turned it into one of the most productive farms in the area. Today, the name of the winery honors his legacy as we continue that farming tradition by producing fine hand-crafted wines here in our wonderful Green Valley AVA.

So why the rock heart in the logo? Well, to us, the heart represents the stony soil of our small vineyards. From it, our vines struggle to grow and mature. But in the end, the struggle is worth the effort for the unique and wonderful grapes it produces. It’s something anyone who has ever labored to make hand-crafted wines can appreciate.