Tails from the vineyard

...by Emma DuFur Doodle

We have a new member of the family at the vineyard... Emma Doodle. She is a 5 year old labradoodle and brings us constant laughs and joy as we watch her "guarding" the winery.

Hi. I'm Emma. Welcome to Rock Creek Vineyard!

This summer, this will all be SO green!

Emma runs from the winery, through the vineyards and up to the house on constant alert for deer, fox, coyotes and friendly cows grazing behind the farm. She loves people and is always happy when a visitors stops by for tasting... often greeting them at the door. Her hope is that visitors will bring their dog along and she can have a playdate!

In March we held a "doodle romp" at Rock Creek Vineyard, where all her siblings and cousins came to visit. It was such fun, as she romped and played with her 10 siblings.

Emily and Emma

There really is a Rock Creek!

She loves to play in the creek, hide in the vines, and is always found roaming the property looking for something that interests her.

She really perks up when she sees a bunny or squirrel, who always seem to outrun her!

Emma, reflecting on her day.

Emma, the Vineyard Dog.

When you visit, be prepared to meet Emma. For certain, she will be wagging her tail and ready to greet you!

Emma hails from the kind people at Bear River Doodles of Colfax, CA.